Soul Portraits

Have you ever wanted to see what the essence of your deepest self looks likes? What gifts and talents do you may have hidden inside? What colors, shapes, and symbols respresent the energy of your unique soul?

Cheryl hasn't offered soul portraits in many, many years, so this is very rare... and very special: an intuitive fractal created from your soul's energetic imprint. They take approximately 3 - 6 weeks to complete. She spends time each day intuitively connecting into your energy while working on your fractal, applying mathematical formulas, layered one on top of another, over and over in a special fractal generating program. There can be over 1000 layers applied before the portrait is complete. Cheryl never know what will show up in the image or how the fractal will change as each formula is applied.

Fees: The price for a Soul Portrait is $680 CAD.  While we understand this is not within every one's budget, there is a great deal of time and energy involved in bringing forth a Soul Portrait. 

What you will receive:   A 16x20 paper art print of the Soul Portrait and a small write-up by Cheryl of what she intuitively picks up in the image. 

How it works:  Cheryl connects into your energy using your full name. The technique is some-what similar to distant healing in that you are not present while the portrait is being done. You can live anywhere in the world and still receive a portrait.


Get Your Soul Portrait

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The office will contact you when Cheryl is ready to begin your portrait. A PayPal invoice for the portrait fee of $680.00 (Canadian dollars) will be sent to the email you provided us. It must be paid in full before work on your portrait begins. Also note: should you decline your turn for your portrait when it becomes available, you will lose your place on the wait list.
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