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Cheryl Lee Harnish Certified Intuitive Program

An incredible opportunity to become a certified intuitive reader by accomplished intuitive and international best-selling author, Cheryl Lee Harnish.

For the beginner to the experienced intuitive, this intensive 30 hour program provides step-by-step professional training in connecting to and using your intuition to aid others on their path. Not only are graduates competent and qualified readers, they are able to begin working with clients right away.  Being certified instills confidence and provides assurance to potential clients that you know what you're doing.

cherylreadingCheryl Lee Harnish is a second generation intuitive, and was taught by her father to read tarot before she was a teen.  Today she is known world-wide for her oracle cards, as well as her honesty, integrity and ability to bring through messages from Spirit.  Having a recognized name behind your certification solidifies it's credibility and meaning.


Cheryl uses a unique, personally developed, proven method to teach the art and skill of intuitive connection. Within the first few hours of class, students are able to perform basic readings on each other. Once the basic intuitive foundation is set, students advance to the art of connecting with Spirit.

The craft of using oracle cards to supplement the reading is next. This provides students with the ability to deliver well-rounded, and energetically charged readings for clients.

Step-by-step, everything is brought together into one cohesive package. This is when students learn how to deliver spirit's messages to clients and perform a professional, accurate and heart-filled reading based on integrity.  Students get in-class practicum with "volunteer clients" so they learn and experience every aspect of performing a reading from start to finish.

Students also complete a component on marketing . It isn't enough to just become certified.  It's the " what and how" to do something with that certification that can help bring in an income that matters!  It's one of the main reasons most individuals invest in a certification program in the first place. All program graduates are provided with marketing basics to help them understand what they need to do to get their new business off to a successful start.

Learn how to:

  • Build a strong, on-going relationship with Spirit based on trust and integrity.
  • Deliver a solid reading using a combination of pure intuition and oracle cards combined. (Students are taught how to give both an intuitive reading and a card reading)
  • Intuitively connect into a person's energy to see what is happening for them on a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level.
  • Use the Return of Spirit oracle cards in a full spread to supplement the reading and bring even more insight for your clients.
  • Understand the proper use of your skills in a professional setting to bring profound healing, understanding and empowerment to others.
  • Conduct professional client care and interactions - the "do's and do not's" of giving a reading, how to convey the information you are receiving and responsible care of all those you read for.
  • Set your space for readings - clearing energy, dealing with negative energies and setting a high vibration environment
  • In-class practicum time - students NEED to learn on REAL people whom they do not know. It is a vital part of what makes this program a valid certification course and it is what makes you a successful, confident reader upon completion. When the time is right, students get real practice time with volunteer clients (who understand you are just learning).
  • Marketing- a vital part of every business, yet other certification programs simply do not offer it. Learn how to market your services, grow your business, gain clients and how to advertise on little or no budget. 
  • Payment Plan Option - Students have the option to pay tuition fees by installment.  (See the "Dates/Locations" tab for more information.

Ready to move past your own fears and step forward in your life? Ready to start working in a meaningful and heart-centered way?  Ready to start making a difference in this world?

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Cheryl talks about the purpose of being a reader, the certification program and what students learn.
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We are in the process of creating an online course for mid to end of 2021

More cities will be added to the in-person courses listed below once social distancing and travel restrictions have been lifted. If your interested in taking the program, either online or in-person, please contact us

If you are interested in having Cheryl in your city please do let us know. 

VANCOUVER, CA 2021 ~ dates pending 

TORONTO, CA 2021 ~ dates pending

Tuition Fee:  $1498.00 CAD 



Please use this link to complete the Registration form.  Once we receive your form, we will contact you regarding payment.


Program Testimonials

"Having taken a few of Cheryl Lee Harnish’s seminars, I have been impressed with her ability to teach what would seem the unteachable, intuitiveness. Her step by step process and methodical system on learning how to understand the messages you receive and what they mean allows you to trust that information and yourself. I have been to many seminars in the past taught by Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle to just name a few, and each one has their own unique gifts and messages, but I find Cheryl Lee’s teachings more impactful and useful then any of the aforementioned masters. Take the seminar. It will change your life." ~ Dr. Ken Kinakin

 "If you wish to become a professional card reader, I highly recommend Cheryl’s course.  She was able to take the people in our class – of various levels of skills and experience (some like me, had never read before) and bring ALL of us to that professional level in 5 days.  It didn’t matter where you started from, Cheryl’s brought all of us to a proficient and high standard of skill.

The course itself is a masterful blend of lecture, demonstration and practice time – without fluff.  Everything presented has purpose and intent.  Cheryl teaches with integrity, heart and kindness and holds nothing back.  Everything she knows - she gives, to help you be the best reader you can be.  The final two days solidified both our skills and confidence.  Cheryl provided ‘clients’ for us to read -  perfect strangers.  We read multiple times in those last 2 days.  Each client gave feedback at the end of the session and all the clients said the readings were relevant, accurate and most importantly empowering. I grew more confident reading by reading, because of the accuracy of the information coming through. I simply could not have learned nor developed my skills to this level from an online course or DVD.

Just days after completing the program, I am already giving professional readings to paying clients. Thank you Cheryl for not holding anything back; for taking an intangible art and giving it a process that anyone can learn - if they desire to.  I am grateful for the skilled teacher that you are and for creating a safe space to learn in." ~ Susan Turner CHT, CBHT, CLH Certified Intuitive Reader



"If you had of told me on day one that I would be doing soul touching readings by day four and five, I could have never believed it to be possible. In five days I was transformed from doubting my inner abilities and my intuition, to fully believing anything is possible!! ANYTHING! I have had things happen over my life that made me doubt my intuition, even though I knew there was more.

Within the first day, I was surprised by how quickly we were able to connect to others energy and trust that what was coming thru from Spirit was exactly what Spirit wanted to be shared at that moment. Cheryl opened her soul to us with the purest of heart and best intent. She taught us to open our hearts, trust our intuition and to set our intentions for the highest good possible. As I allowed myself to open, I could feel the shifts within myself. I was changing. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, I was about to be set free to fly wherever the wind may go; with love and purpose.  I was being reborn!!
As I left class in the afternoon of day four I was in awe that I did readings. I connected with other (people) that I had never met before.  I was able to give insight to a stranger with total accuracy. I touched their Soul!! I was able to share information to help them move forward on their life’s path. I knew that I would never doubt my intuition again.

I had found what I had been searching my whole life for!! I was whole. I now knew my gift, my true gift, and why I was here on earth. I will be changed for the better, forever! Thank you Cheryl for your open honesty and true intention of helping others to make the connection to their intuition. Your work is done at the highest level of integrity and I am forever grateful for your willingness to teach other from the core of your soul." ~ Michelle McCullough, CLH Certified Intuitive Reader

"I recently took part in a week long course with Cheryl Lee Harnish. The course was well-organized and learning seemed easy and effortless. Cheryl provided lots of opportunity for practice, including bringing in outside volunteers to use our skills at the end of the week. The whole process was very empowering, leaving us with not only a certificate, but also with the confidence that we were indeed connecting to "Spirit" and well able to do professional readings. Thanks Cheryl." ~ Julie Liddell, CLH Certified Intuitive Reader