Connecting With Spirit

Using a combination of intuitive insight, mediumship and the heart-filled energy of her oracle cards, Cheryl opens a direct line of communication and guidance from the world of Spirit.

Cheryl's thoughts about readings - "I work for both sides, my client and Spirit. Working for Spirit is both an honor and a privilege. I deeply feel that I have a responsibility to deliver the messages from Spirit and our Loved Ones as accurately as possible. I also have a responsibility to my client, to provide the insight, direction and guidance from Spirit that they seek.

I take my readings seriously. These are people's lives, and most who come for a reading are in honest need of communication from Spirit. A lot of the time, people need help to get their lives 'unstuck' or to gain clarity so they can feel confident in the direction they are heading. This is the intention I hold for every reading I do."


Intuitive Readings with Cheryl Lee Harnish

Cheryl Lee HarnishCheryl's readings mainly focus on the journey of your Soul; where you are in life, where you are on your path, where you might be holding back, and where you may need some encouragement and insight to get moving forward.  It isn't about making a bunch of predictions of what may happen in your future, it's about the now. It's about you, as a Soul, living this human life and stepping into your truth and power as much as possible.  The readings can help you to see where your blocks are, over-come difficult situations, or gain a different perspective of your gifts and purpose in this world. Often, people just need a little help to get their lives 'unstuck' or to gain clarity so they can feel confident in the direction they are heading.

In Cheryl's own words: "It is Spirit who directs these readings.  Whatever THEY feel is the most important for someone to know, is what comes through. Most people who sit down in the chair for a reading have their most pressing concerns addressed before they even have a chance to ask about them.

When I start my readings the first thing I will ask of you is that you do NOT give me details about anything. For the duration of the reading I only want to hear either "yes, I understand" or "no, I don't understand".  Basically, I only want you to confirm the information that Spirit is bringing through. This way, at the end of the reading, you will know in your heart where the information came from and that it truly was from Spirit. In your heart, you will be able trust the guidance and insight provided, because you will know it truly came from a higher, Divine source."

During the reading, Spirit Guides, Angels or Loved Ones may come through with messages.  However, Cheryl will not purposely seek out anyone in particular from the world of Spirit.  As Cheryl says, "I don't do 'mediumship on demand' or only channel a Spirit Guide at the request of a client.  Spirit is the one in charge of the reading, I am simply the conduit for Spirit to communicate.  I trust Spirit with all my heart and I have learned over the years that the best readings are the one's in which Spirit directs; not me or the client. THEY are so much more infinitely intelligent than we are, and when I use my gift to simply open the line of communication for THEM, is when the most profound healing, growth and understanding occurs."

Cheryl uses a combination of both her oracle cards and direct communication with Spirit to conduct her readings. Though the term 'Intuitive Reader' is generally more understood, Cheryl says she feels that term doesn't fully describe her gift or what she does.  "I am a conduit for the Spirit world - in whatever way THEY want to use me.  Whether it is to bring through higher information and guidance to the public in general through the form of cards and books, or whether it is to deliver a message directly to an individual through the form of a reading; I am simply a conduit for Spirit to communicate in this world. My job is to help empower others."

Confidentiality - All readings are absolutely confidential. If you would like to share your reading with others, then please do share! It's appreciated actually! However, because of the sensitive nature of the information brought through and the client base that Cheryl sees, it is important that both the client's identity and information remain undisclosed. 

Additional Information

Intuitive readings with Cheryl are held on various days, depending on her schedule. There is often a bit of a wait list.

All readings are pre-paid through PayPal. (Don't worry, you don't need a PayPal account to pay.) CANADIANS paying via E-Transfer ONLY: All prices are in CAD, not USD.

Readings On Skype ONLY

Cheryl will video call you on Skype using the account you provide. You are more than welcome to record your reading if you chose, but it is still a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to take notes during your reading.

It is also important that you take a bit of time before your reading to write out any questions you may have. This sets the energy for your reading and helps you to clarify what you'd like to know about.

Please Note:
Readings by email or phone are NOT available.


60 Min Reading - $140 USD (Canadian e-transfer ONLY $140 CAD)
30 Min Reading - $80 USD (Canadian e-transfer ONLY $80 CAD)

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"I was a volunteer for Cheryl Lee Harnish to do a reading for in front of her students. I was very comfortable to have this reading in front of 9 other people. In spite of these unusual circumstances, Cheryl was very professional and delivered an excellent, accurate reading. Cheryl does not concentrate on past or future events in your life; instead she brings clarity to where you are currently on your spiritual path. I found my reading to be extremely powerful, uplifting and "spot on". Spirit has a profound connection with Cheryl which enables her to bring much meaning and relevance to her work with you. I would recommend that you seek a reading with Cheryl if you are looking for answers relevant to your present situation as pertains to guidance from Spirit."

Barb Elmore

Barb Elmore

Workshop Volunteer

Your reading for me was so insightful and full of meaning. Much was confirmation of what I already "felt", that my gut feelings, my instinct, is what I should be listening to. You also helped me understand that Spirit works in funny ways and things aren't unveiled until it is time for me to know. I am blessed to have had the reading with you, for your insights, your reminders to not be afraid, stop listening to my human mind and move forward, and that I am loved, and there is a plan for me which I will realize."

Patty Volpi

Patty Volpi


If you have not yet had a reading with Cheryl, you need to find a way to make it happen. If you are on this page, your heart and mind are open to what Cheryl has to offer. Her readings are different from any other you have had. You will not be told to avoid a man in a red hat, to watch out for road traffic or be given lucky lotto numbers. You will hear some things about yourself that might surprise you, and you might even get some time with someone who has crossed over. Cheryl's readings do not disappoint. Thank you, Cheryl."

Patti Shea

Patti Shea


Cheryl's sensitivity and connection with Spirit is amazing and provided me with a reading that was insightful and transformative. Without my sharing any information of identity, experiences, or current aspirations, she brought to light events and aspects of my journey that I hadn't considered or even deemed significant to my current place. The messages she received allowed me to become aware of and connect the dots to the pieces that are in alignment with my soul's path. The genuineness of Cheryl's presence throughout my reading was a heartfelt blessing. She is truly gifted and shares her gift with sincere love. Thank you."




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