The Making of Intuitive Fractal Energy Art

Cheryl creates fractals using mathematic formulas applied in layers to the basic fractal shape called a Mandelbrot. She receives guidance as to which formulas to apply. There can be anywhere from 25 to 500 formulas applied to one fractal and it can take up to four weeks to complete one image.

Although fractals were discover nearly 30 years ago, we are only now beginning to see the greater meaning and importance of fractals, both spiritually and scientifically. The very nature of fractals and how they are created makes each fractal unique. They are one of a kind images. The probabilities of any two fractal artists creating the same image are so low that it is nearly an impossibility.

Connecting In

All of these fractals are created after meditating and connecting - to the Divine and Higher Self. Cheryl discovered her own unique manner of connecting to Source after her experience with Angels opened her ability to communicate with her guides.

Some fractals are created intentionally based on words or phrases (such as the fractal Clarity and Personal Essence Fractals).  Other fractals come through Spiritual inspiration and are "creations of their own". Cheryl explains this inspiration as a feeling of being nudged to begin working on a new fractal.  She jokingly states that her guides can be down right 'pushy' at times if she disregards the call.  Regardless of how the fractal 'comes', each and every one of them emanates and expresses a unique energy of its own, just as every person does.

Personal Essence Fractals (Soul Portraits)

The first step in the process is to connect to the energy of the person, business or pet using a name. This is done through meditation. Once connected to the energy, the creation of the fractal begins. Working in a quite and meditative state, guidance is received as to what formulas to apply. It can take weeks before the fractal image is ready to emerge. Having been asked numerous times, "How do you know when a fractal is complete?" Cheryl responds with a clear and simple answer, "I know when a fractal is ready because when the image renders on my screen it feels as if a gong has been rang and the vibration travels straight down my back."

Cheryl's connection to a person's energy is not the same as an intuitive connecting in to do a 'reading'. She does not look into the person's life, situation or happenings, she describes what she does more as connecting to the 'feeling' of the energy field of a person.

The Expression of A Fractal

Each completed fractal or soul portrait is completely different and unique. The colours, symbols and appearance are direct representations of the energy which the fractal represents. There are multiple levels of meaning contained within the images. Many times, symbols appear that have direct meaning to the person/business to whom the fractal belongs. Some clients feel that their fractal contains meaning and messages from guides or spirits. Many are moved emotionally when seeing their fractals for the first time.


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