Fractal Images, Science and Healing

This article was written by Cheryl and was featured in the June/July 2006 issue of The Healing Journal, in British Columbia, Canada. 
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Energy in fractals

What do crop circles, sacred geometry, near-death visions, altered states of consciousness, nature and our own DNA have in common? Fractals.

Visually stunning and often containing sacred geometry and symbolism, fractal images are powerful mathematical expressions. Many say that the energy contained within these images can be experienced right down to a cellular level. So what are fractals exactly? Technically, “a fractal is a shape that is recursively constructed or self-similar. This shape appears similar at all scales of magnification and is referred to as "infinitely complex".”1 Natural phenomena of fractal formations can be observed in snowflakes, clouds, coast lines, mountain ranges and more. Our genes and DNA create fractal templates which are used in complex processes involving information exchange. This process occurs within 98.7% of the so-called “Junk” DNA.

It was early in the 20th century, when French mathematician Gaston Julia discovered a fractal formula now referred to as the Julia Set. “The spiral patterns of this set follow the phi ratio and mimic the energy flow in various natural phenomena, including nautilus, lighting, spiral galaxies and so on.”2 But the most famous of fractal formula, the Mandelbrot Set, was later discovered in the 1960’s by Oxford mathematician Prof. Benoit Mandelbrot. Yet, it has only been with the invention of the computer that we are now even able to generate these fractal images.

These pioneers opened the gate way, with these incredible formulas that now enable us to visually see new levels and dimensions of energy and existence. It is quite similar to the way the microscope opened our minds to a whole new world of microbes and bacteria. Yet even more fascinating, is a new discovery into the understanding of what fractals are and what they do.

Fractal art enables us to bring into physical form, a visual expression of Divine Energy and the multi dimensional nature of the infinite. Deep within the mathematical equations and formula, we have discovered yet another place where science and spiritually become one.

My own personal journey into the world of fractals began late in the year of 2005, when I had first seen a fractal image being used on a business card. It was love at first sight. It was also the beginning of a career change and moving my life back towards intuitive work once again.

Cheryl with masaro emotoLife has a way of nudging us to where we need to be if we are open and willing to go there. Following the guidance of my own inner knowing, as well as listening to the advice of some very gifted intuitives and my friends, I began working in the arts as a graphic designer and intuitive fractal artist. Incorporating the same methods and techniques that I had employed as an animal communicator and healer, I found it natural and easy to connect to the energy of individuals as well as the fractal images themselves. This enabled me to create intuitively based fractals that represented or expressed energy which matched the individual, creating a visual representation of that person’s energy. As my passion and involvement of these sacred energy impressions deepened, I soon became aware of another aspect of these fractal images. I knew there was energy and power within the fractals, but I needed to know exactly what they did. What was the meaning behind them, or within them? Through meditation and guidance, I soon discovered the answer. Fractal images emit energy, just as auras, orgone generators and crystals do. The energy of each and every impression is completely unique and has a specific purpose and effect. It is much like the Masaru Emoto water crystal phenomena, only in reverse. Dr. Emoto discovered that our thoughts, words and energy can effect changes within the crystalline structure of water. With fractals, the reverse is actually happening. The energy emitted from fractals have a direct effect on us; energetically and cellularly.

Besides confirming my findings with other intuitives, I also put the fractals to “The Test”. I wanted to measure the amount of energy coming from them. To do this, a friend and I compared two non-fractal art images that were “spiritual” in nature with two intuitively generated fractals. With dowsing rods in hand, the “testing” began. Dowsing rods are held pointing straight outward in front of you, one in each hand and parallel to each other. When they enter into any type of energy field, the rods are moved, swinging outward and away from each other. The two non-fractal images did emit an energy, which moved the rods outward to the size of the image itself when approaching the image at approximately one foot away from it. When the fractals were measured, the dowsing rods began to open at approximately seven feet in distance. The rods swung outward, opening completely at six feet. This was quite an incredible difference. Not even our own energy fields moved the rods at such a large distance away.

But with all the testing and theory aside, one only needs to gaze into a fractal image for a few moments to feel the incredible energy and power contained within them. Our understanding of fractals will develop with time. As will our understanding and use of fractals as healing tools, energy cleansers, and meditation aids. There are also a large number of crop circles which are repeatedly displaying fractal images. One can only begin to wonder what message it is we are being asked to acknowledge. As we open and gain more clarity into their meaning, we will soon begin to understand the complex meaning of fractals.


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