The High Vibrations of Fractals

Fractals and Human Energy

One of the 'New Tools'

The energy of each and every Fractal Energy Art Print is completely unique and has a specific meaning and effect. It is believed that fractals are one of the 'new tools' on the planet today to aid us on our journey to Ascension.

The fractal art images that Cheryl creates emanate energy (based on experiments by the Questers Dowsing Society, read more about it here). This energy helps to raise the vibrations of both the space which we display a fractal art and our own personal energy.

Simply looking at a Fractal Energy Art Print for under a minute can increase the aura up to two times its size. This demonstrates the natural harmony of fractal energy and the human energy field (and soul) and its ability to raise the field's vibration.

Energy Cleansing and Healing

Fractal Energy Art is created based on specific individual words or phrases. These fractals contain the meaning of the word or phrase and display how the energy of the particular language phrase is universally experienced and expressed. As well, the energy contained within the fractal emanates from the image. This type of fractal artwork can be used as healing tools and meditation aids. They also work as energy cleansers within a room, moving energy and filling the space with positive energy set at a very high vibration. In this regard, they work much like crystals and orgone generators.


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