So, What Are Fractals Exactly?


Technically, “a fractal is a shape that is recursively constructed or self-similar. This shape appears similar at all scales of magnification and is referred to as "infinitely complex" - Wilkipedia. Naturally occuring fractal formations can be observed in snowflakes, clouds, coast lines, mountain ranges and more. Our genes and DNA create fractal templates which are used in complex processes involving information exchange. This process occurs within 98.7% of the so-called “Junk” DNA.

Thank goodness for mathematicians!

It was early in the 20th century, when French mathematician Gaston Julia discovered a fractal formula now referred to as the Julia Set. “The spiral patterns of this set follow the phi ratio and mimic the energy flow in various natural phenomena, including nautilus, lighting, spiral galaxies and so on. But the most famous of fractal formula, the Mandelbrot Set, was later discovered in 1978 by Oxford mathematician Prof. Benoit Mandelbrot. Yet, it has only been with the invention of the computer that we are now even able to generate these fractal images.

These pioneers opened the gate way with these incredible formulas that now enable us to visually see new levels and dimensions of energy and existence. It is quite similar to the way the microscope opened our minds to a whole new world of microbes and bacteria. Yet even more fascinating, is a new discovery into the understanding of what fractals are and what they do.

Fractal art enables us to bring into physical form, a visual expression of Divine Energy and the multi dimensional nature of the infinite. Deep within the mathematical equations and formula, we have discovered yet another place where science and spiritually become one.

It was proven to be the absolute maximum Space Filling Curve possible in 2 + Dimensions. if the boundary region was one 'quanta' more curved inward on itself it would HAVE TO overlap, popping into 3 dimensions.

More Than Meets The Eye

The photo on the right was taken in 1991 in Britan. This Mandelbrot crop circle appeared near the school attended by Benoit. It appeared exactly one year (to the day) that a major scientific magazine had printed an article about the Mandelbrot set, in which it stated that it was impossible to reproduce a mandelbrot at perfect scale without the use of a computer.

The Mandelbrot also has a close relationship to the period-doubling 'Chaos' equation, which is used to describe population expansion, plant growth, weather instability and a host of other physical processes.

Also, the curves contained within the Mandelbrot have been discovered in cross-sections of magnetic field borders, implying there is a 3-D mandelbrot equivalent that is closely tied to electromagnetism and therefore a deep structural and fundamental aspect of life, and physical space/time.

Just imagine for a moment - Taking a slice of the magnetic field of the earth, sun, a plant or the data on audio or video tape, and seeing the Mandlebrot shape - ALL THIS DATA IS STORED AS THE MANDELBROT SET!

This suggests an unknown, yet-to-be-clarified fundamental importance of the Mandelbrot Set in many processes, both physical and non-physical.


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