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For the spiritually minded reader! A fantasy/romance with a twist of spunk and spirituality.

MSCoverWebRayelle is an unassuming, plain-Jane, keep-to-herself sort of girl. But she has a secret: a destructive force within her that must remain under control at all costs.

Nathanael is a beautiful warrior, sent here with a legion of men to protect this world at any cost.

It is most women’s dream to find ‘the one’, their perfect match in every way—their soul mate. Rayelle is one of the lucky few who has. Well, sort of. She has no idea that the bizarre supernatural mishap which occurred five months ago, at a public event, was caused by a stranger who had come too close to her. She is also unaware that the mysterious invisible presence which visits her each night since, is him.

If Nathanael has his way, she will never know.

He can never be that close to her again. It isn’t worth the risk. The concern is not for his physical safety—he is immortal, he can survive just about anything. It’s for hers. And there is also no greater pain than to love someone from afar—to never come close, or kiss, or even touch. No way will he allow her to suffer as he does.

But the Universe has a different plan for the star-crossed lovers.

Their worlds are about to collide, having a far greater consequence than either will realize. Destiny can’t be avoided. The hand of fate will have its way, like it or not.


FractalArt WallPaper

WallPapers for your desktop

All images are 1024 x 768 in size. Please remember that these images are all copyright material.  They MAY NOT be used for any other purpose other than on your computer as a desktop wall paper. If you want to use any of the fractal art images, please contact the office.

Instructions: Click on the image you want to download - a new window will open. Right-click on the full size image and set it to your desktop background.

boundless fractal

Boundless - 1024 x 768

joyous fractal

Joyous  - 1024 x 768

magical fractal

Magical  - 1024 x 768

nature fractal

Nature - 1024 x 768

soul fractal

Path of the Soul  - 1024 x 768


Paper and Canvas Prints


To purchase fractal art prints please visit Cheryl's online spiritual store -

Fractal art prints are professional reproductions produced on high quality photographic paper or canvas. Each fractal emanates a unique energy. The quality of the actual art print far exceeds the quality of the image you will see on your screen.

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Sample Paper Prints from the
Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards.


Path of the Soul Card Reading

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Have an online reading with the Path of the Soul,Destiny Cards. Simply choose your card from the deck by clicking on it. Your fractal card, along with the meaning will appear below.



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 Version 1.1 Now Available. What's New?
- Added a "Restore Previous Purchase" button to make it easier to restore the paid version when moving to a new device
- Name, save and organize your readings so you can access them anytime (Paid version)
- Now have access to both a 1 or 3 card draw for friend (Paid version)
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