Unleash Your Intuition Vancouver

Unleash Your Intuition Vancouver

From April 18, 2015 10:00 until April 19, 2015 16:30

At Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts

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Event Information


Unleash Your Intuition!
Two Day Intuitive Workshop with Cheryl Lee Harnish

Get practical experience using your intuition!
This is a fully interactive and one-of-a-kind workshop that empowers you in connecting with your intuition.

On Day 1 You Will Learn to:

  • access your intuition naturally
  • feel and connect to your Spirit Guide(s)
  • build active two-way communication with your Guides and Spirit
  • read others intuitively and energetically
  • discover how Spirit speaks to you and how to decipher the symbology and meaning
  • get out of your own way and trust
  • overcome fears of sharing your intuitive insight
  • this level will also touch on mediumship or energetic health scanning

On Day 2 You Will Learn to: (Level 1 is a pre-requisit)

  • build on the skills learned in level 1
  • deepen the intuitive connection for guidance and direction from your own Spirit Guide
  • connect to the Spirit Guide(s) of others
  • understand the connection between dream symbols and intuition
  • dive deeper into mediumship
  • understand the basics of energetic health scanning
  • connect and read distance energy
  • fine tune skills such as time-lines, locations and most possible out-comes

This is a safe, confidential, and loving learning environment.  All work is centered around the heart to facilitate the greatest growth potential.  Participants will be willing to work from the heart, open to giving and receiving support, and open to being read by others.

Registration: $220 per ticket (IMPORTANT NOTE: Tickets are non-refundable)

Out of town attendees - We cannot personally recommend hotels, however there are many in the area to chose from! See for yourself on Google Maps.

Register Now at the top of this page! 

What Students Say

Your workshop last weekend was amazing! After training for YEARS and YEARS, I found your level one so practical and useful, where I learned more than I did over weeks with another program, and gained a whole new trust and confidence. So I thank you for that! I look forward to everything else you "come out" with... Until then --- Many Lighted Blessings of Gratitude!"- Kirsten Hansen

"DO NOT miss Cheryl's workshop! It will be life changing for you, as it was for me.I have never had such a generous teacher who instilled self confidence in everyone in the room...a truly gifted lady. The techniques and guidance that Cheryl shared with the group will be a part of me/us from now until...well for ever more. I feel blessed to have been a part of this amazing experience. Thanks so much Cheryl for being so generous and causing me to re-learn so much in such a short time. Blessings to you my friend. You are one beautiful soul." - Catherine Birch

"Whow what a weekend. Cheryl Harnish would have to be one of the best intuitive teachers on this earth. I am surprised it has taken this long for us to find her. Cheryl you should be on the stage of every mind, body spirit event as you have such a easy way of teaching and empowering the audience. A true angel on earth." - Sue Gibbs

"Thank you dearest Cheryl for an amazing workshop in Melbourne. This is the first time ever I have had the experience of being guided with "hands-on" tuition, compared with seminars. Coming from your heart and wanting the best for us effortlessly poured from you. This would have to be one of the BEST "workshops" I have ever been to and will always treasure it." - Evie Weaver

"For those that are sitting on the fence, you need to jump off and jump in! DO NOT MISS OUT! If you want to have the most amazing experience of your life then you MUST NOT wait any longer... book your place now! From my personal experience over the weekend just gone working with Chery, it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. The way Cheryl holds her workshop is one of a kind training that is interactive and is sooooo much fun and has astounding results. I can not explain in words how much doing this workshop has meant to me but to try I would have to say it has been life transforming. I will be eternally grateful for Cheryl giving me the gift of accessing my intuition. So give yourself the gift of Chery and I'm sure you too will be fulfilled with gratitude, love and respect. And not to forget you too will be gifted with the tools to access your intuition." ♥ ♥ ♥ - Sasha Jefferies

"Before attending, I was very nervous and lacked the confidence in myself. But your approach in class helped me to break that barrier and connect to my intuition. I did better than I had thought and it was such a surprise to me. Going to your workshop was one of the best investments I have ever made in my spiritual development...I highly recommend your workshop to everyone who wants to tap into their intuition and most importantly to find the confidence to do so." - Amy Zhang

Class Instructions

Instruction begins at 10:00 am sharp, but please arrive 15 minutes early to complete check-in before class begins. The class ends at approximately 4:30 pm.

Location & Parking: Coastal Academy #207-14888 104 Ave, Surrey BC   There is ample free street parking available.

What to bring:

  • Something firm to write on, such as a clipboard or hard book. We will be writing during class exercises.
  • You will also need a pen (best to bring 2) and paper for both your own notes and class exercises.
  • Complimentary Coffee, tea and water provided!
  • Please bring your own snacks.
  • If you need to snack during the class, please feel free to bring any foods without strong odours, etc. (that may offend others).
  • Thank you for refraining from wearing any fragrances or scented lotions into class – this is a scent-free environment to accommodate everyone.

Lunch: There are many fast food places within a couple of blocks. There are no kitchen facilities, however you are more than welcome to bring your own lunch.

Clothing: It is best to dress in light layers so we can accommodate everyone’s “thermostat” while we are in class. Sometimes people will become either extremely hot or cold during different exercises, so best to be prepared.

 Scent-free: This is a scent free enviornment. Please do not wear any perfumes or body sprays, thank you.